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Derketo is in the game.

by Maggie [Dark Desires], 130 days ago





Derketo is in the game!



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It is official!

by Maggie [Dark Desires], 181 days ago

It is official, Derketo will be in Conan Exiles.

Join us on Discord, we have our own private server.

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Server is now PvE

by Maggie [Dark Desires], 365 days ago

The Conan Exiles server is now PvE-RP. 

In order to fit more with the Dark Desires game style, the server was changed to PvE. 



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Server un-merge

by Maggie [Dark Desires], 366 days ago

Hello all, 

Due to differences with the view to wipe the server when it is not required, we decided to un-merge from the Depraved Wasteland community. 

The new Biome was released and Dark Desires did not want to rebuild everything we have done again. The option for anyone to keep their build was offered but misunderstood. We have now un-merged and run the server ourselves. 


Thank you. 

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