Base Weapons

Crafters of Amaranth

Here is a collection recipe that the people of Amaranth can make. The list is divided in categories. Use the links above to navigate in the different sections. To add any items, post the name and the character that can craft it in this thread.

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Weaponsmith Recipes

Weaponsmith recipes are devided in 4 categories

Base Weapons Culture Weapons City Weapons Raid Crafting Epic Recipes

Base Weapons
These are the base weapons used to make the culture and the epic weapons.

Item Description Materials Crafter
Small Ferric Rod Base recipe 8 Iron
4 Feldspar
8 Sourmetal Salts
4 Coal Oil
5 Superior Handle Piece
Large Ferric Rod Base recipe 18 Iron
6 Feldspar
16 Sourmetal Salts
6 Coal Oil
8 Superior Handle Piece

Shaped Greenwood Base recipe 2 Bowstring Fiber
8 Gnarled Leather
12 Yew
16 Sourmetal Salts
6 Yohimbe Bark

Oiled Gastraphetes Base recipe 2 Bowstring Fiber
6 Gnarled Leather
18 Yew
16 Sourmetal Salts
6 Yohimbe Bark

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em